War Time

In this section, find excerpts and links to The Gleaner's Special Series: Pieces Of The Past authored by Dr. Rebecca Tortello in 2003.  Where applicable, updated information can be found throughout the site.


Jamaica And The Great War   

On November 8, 1915, Brigadier General Blackden sent off the first Jamaican contingent under the command of Major W. D. Neish to serve in the First World War. "Some of you may be killed," he cautioned, "many will be wounded, but in bidding you farewell, I hope that those who fall may fall gloriously, their faces to the foe, victory gleaming on their bayonets." As the band played "Soldiers of the King," and prayers for their welfare and safe return home were said, 500 men sailed slowly off into the unknown looking for … (READ MORE)

Recollections Of World War II

At the time of the war's outbreak in 1939, a young Eric Maxwell was serving as Senior Canon of the Anglican Cathedral in Spanish Town.  In 1944, Archbishop William Hardie explained that the newly formed Caribbean Regiment needed a chaplain as they went off to join the war effort, albeit late in the day.  Maxwell accepted… (READ MORE)

Lt. Col. Whitehorne later became a member of the Jamaica Home Guard (JHG) that took over from the JRR, and was offered a commission as an Officer in the Jamaica Militia Artillery (JMA) later renamed The Royal Artillery (Caribbean Section). He was duly commissioned in the rank of Second Lieutenant with effect on…. (READ MORE)