What is diG Jamaica?

YOUR resource for need-to-know information about Jamaica.  

What is ‘diG’ exactly?

Technically, d is for digitali is for information and is for The Gleaner.  digital information from The Gleaner.  Also, we “dig up” information for you and encourage you to “dig up” information. 

What is the purpose of diGJamaica.com?

Launched in August 2012, diGJamaica.com is The Gleaner‘s gift to Jamaica on her Golden Jubilee.  It is intended to be a website to find credible, relevant information about Jamaica when and where you need it.  diGJamaica.com not only provides real access to information, but also encourages dialogue about Jamaica.

How is diGJamaica.com different from jamaica-gleaner.com?

jamaica-gleaner.com is the news – it is what people know as the online version of The Gleaner.  diGJamaica.com provides information that allows you to find out more about specific topics, places or people mentioned in the news.   diGJamaica.com is not the news, but will direct you to it at jamaica-gleaner.com.

What is on diGJamaica.com?


  • Dashboard:  In the top right hand corner of the home page, find quick indicators on theeconomybusiness, lifestyle, trade and industries.  Click each button and a drop down table appears for each.  Read Stay Up To Date With The diGJamaica.com Dashboardfor more information.
  • New diGs: Recently added pages.
  • Overview: Our ‘about Jamaica’ section covering Land, People + Culture, Government + Economy, Parish Profiles, Slideshows – each section with many sub-pages.
  • Events: The only comprehensive but filterable calendar of events happening in Jamaica (and outside of Jamaica of interest to Jamaicans) with the ability for users to add their own events to share.
  • Directories: Find more than just contact information for government entities, civil society organizations, publicly traded companies and more.
  • Data: We are the only website with a wide array of government data presented as static and motion charts.
  • Resources: Our section for frequently asked for information like How To, Government Resources, Education Resources, Find A – each section with many sub-pages.
  • Our Past:  Where the majority of the historical content on the site resides – organized to help you find what you are looking for.  Explore Jamaica 50, This Day In Our Past, Historical Eras, Pieces of the Past – each section with many sub-pages 


diGJamaica.com uses a number of different formats to present data to make your virtual journey interesting and engaging.  We have text, photos, databases, static and motion charts, historical archives, slideshows, timelines and more.

How does someone use diGJamaica.com?

Lots of ways actually.  Here are 6 to get you started:

  1. Use the search bar on the site
  2. Click on the tabs on the yellow ‘Quick Menu
  3. Click on the blue Dashboard tabs
  4. Click on the main menu options.  Drop down and explore the sub-menus therein
  5. Click on one of the sections on the front page
  6. When you are on a page, click links on related information

Plus, have a look at How to diG

Who is diGJamaica.com for?

Well, everyone. Jamaicans here and in the Diaspora, businesspeople, students, government officials, academics, anyone from anywhere with an interest in Jamaica….and more.  There’s lots of current information to check on everyday like events, how to, resources, directories etc. Plus, we have historical information great for research or context.  

Is diGJamaica.com free?

Yes, access to diGJamaica.com is free.


What’s the diGJamaica.com trivia game about?

Trivia is a great way to test your knowledge of facts and figures, or even just learn them.  We have different games and all questions are true and false.  Play each level, share your score and challenge your friends.  

Is there a diGJamaica.com blog?

Yes, we started blogging to encourage dialogue about Jamaica by helping users see the immediate relevance of the information on the site, i.e. how it relates to the news and current events. For more about the blog, read Meet the diGJamaica.com Blog.


Does diGJamaica.com take queries and suggestions?

Absolutely.  That is critical to the dialogue about Jamaica.  You can use this online form to suggest diGs or send us an email at dig@digjamaica.com.


How does diG Jamaica use The Gleaner Archives.

diGJamaica.com has a wealth of information that is sourced from The Gleaner Archives – our online database with more than one (1) million historical newspaper pages from The Gleaner. The full-page newspapers, dating back to 1834, are searchable by keyword and date, making it easy for you to quickly explore historical content.

Use the archive to gain a local perspective on historical news, to research your family history or to simply read about a person or event that interests you. We invite you to visit the archive often, as additional pages will be added as they become available.

You can register to access The Gleaner Archives here: www.gleanerarchives.com Subscriptions can be made to access the service for a year, quarterly or one day pass.

Are there other ways to connect with diGJamaica.com?

Sure! We are on TwitterFacebook, or you can subscribe to the blog’s rss feed andnewsletter. Visit Connect With Us.

For more about diGJamaica.com, explore our “In The News” section.