December 29: “McKenley Defeats ‘The World’s Fastest Human’ at Sabina Park “

1952: Colourful Herb McKenley, holder of the world 440-yard record at 46 seconds flat, enhanced his reputation as a sprinter in the third meet of the JOA-sponsored international track series at Sabina Park. As 5,000 spectators cheered, McKenley defeated Andy Stanfield, World and Olympic champion and ‘the world’s fastest human”, in a 21.2 metric furlong, won the century dash in 10.7 and clipped Stanfield on the 200-metre leg to lay the foundation of victory for Jamaica in the Swedish relay.

1957: Kingston’s Tourist trade is in for a boom this week as between today and Wednesday (New Year’s Day) five cruise vessels are expected to call here with well over 2,000 American tourists. Due to arrive this morning is the luxury liner Queen of Bermuda from Cristobal, Canal Zone with 650 passengers. Tomorrow the Homerlo arrives from New York with about 600 passengers; the Neluw Amsterdam from Curaçao with 750 passengers, and the Olympia from Caribbean ports with 650 passengers.

1960: The new primary school off Barbican Road is to be opened. By request of the Minister of Education, Florizel Glasspole, it is to be called “New Day School.” The school will accommodate 600 children aged 6 to 15; divided into junior and senior departments. Eventually, it is expected that the school will become a junior school.

1975: South Clarendon Member of Parliament Hugh Shearer has proposed to Local Government Minister Rose Leon, a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar road programme for South Clarendon to include resurfacing widening and drainage of the road into Hunts Pen from the main road, Kingston to May Pen, and from the road (main road to Hunts Pen) into Savannah Cross district. The Gravel Hill road from the main road to Milk River into Gravel Hill district, the roads in the districts of Mitchell Town, Portland Cottage, Water Lane, Hayesfield, Coffals, Gimme-me-bit and Kemps Hill.

1979: During the years when live entertainment flourished in the absence of widespread electronic media-like films, radio and television, classical music particularly opera was in great demand both locally and overseas. One individual who contributed much to the growth and appreciation of opera and theatre in Jamaica was Mrs Roma d’Oyen-Fitchell, once popularly known as “the lady with the golden voice”.

1985: One of Jamaica’s major tourist attractions, and Port Antonio’s premier attraction, rafting on the Rio Grande, is now in private hands. Tourism sources say the divestment could mean saving rafting as an attraction through new investment and in action of discipline into the operations which have been the centrepiece of many posters and advertisements on Jamaica.