December 27: “Miss Jacqueline Beckford, Sole Female Graduate from IAGS Cartographic School”

1960: Colonel John E. Unverferth, director of Inter American Geodetic Survey Fort Clayton, Canal Zone, congratulates Miss Jacqueline Beckford and presents her with a diploma on her graduation from IAGS Cartographic School. Beckford, who is from Kingston, Jamaica, was the only girl in a class of 37 students. This is the 17th class to graduate from the school which teaches all phases of map making.

1965: The proposed study of the sugar industry and the general question of mechanisation of the industry will begin this week. A sub-committee of the Cabinet will meet to prepare terms of reference for the examination, which the Government now proposes should be undertaken.

1970: Alvin Marriott, the well-known Jamaican sculptor, was awarded the Institute of Jamaica’s Musgrave Medal in recognition of his “distinguished achievements” in the field of sculpture and for his services in the fine arts locally, the chairman of the Board of Governors of the institute, Frank Hill, announced. Eight others have also been awarded Musgrave silver and bronze medals for their contribution to various aspects of Jamaican life.

1975: Two events of special significance to Jamaica’s tourist trade happened recently. The Government presented to Parliament, and to the country, its new ‘charter’ for tourism, titled ‘Growth Through Integration’. The Ocho Rios Inter-Continental Hotel, the island’s newest big hotel, was officially opened for business, though it had in fact already started operating.

1980: All the organisations associated with the founding and maintenance of the Hope Valley Experimental School combined to hold a function on December 10, in honour of Professor John Golding, professor of orthopaedics at the University of the West Indies, on the occasion of his being awarded the Order of Jamaica (honorary) for services in the fields of medicine and social welfare.