December 26: “A Total Of 111 Road Traffic Accidents”

1946: Dr Ivan Lloyd, member of the House of Representatives for Eastern St Ann, leaves by a Pan American clipper for Miami en route to New York on a three-week holiday. While in America, he will deliver a series of lectures under the auspices of various West Indian organisations in New York, Chicago, Bolton and Washington. His wife and children see him off at the airport, his brother, Dr Hugh Lloyd, councillor N.N. Nethersole and Icis Clarke.

1951: Jamaicans win the three first-place prizes in the December sweepstakes drawn at Knutsford Park. It was the first time in several years that all the major prizes have remained at home. A crowd of several thousand in the enclosure and on the broad savannah cheered themselves hoarse as Doubleman romped home for Dane Fortune to bring the promoters probably their best publicity for local supporters since the interception of the sweepstakes.

1959: Sydney Morgan, 30, labourer of Yallahs, is rendered unconscious by a hit-and-run car accident. He was admitted to the Princess Margaret Hospital with a broken thigh. Reports state that the car was travelling in an easterly direction when it struck Morgan.

1961: A total of 111 road traffic accidents are reported to the police, covering the entire holiday period. Of these mishaps, 71 were in the Corporate Area and 40 in the country parts. The number of persons reported injured in the island was 53, of whom 29 were in the Corporate Area and 24 in the country. One hundred and forty-four vehicles were reported damaged, 99 of them in the Corporate Area and 45 in the country. There were no reports of fatalities.

1962: Heavy rains in Annotto Bay and in neighbouring areas have caused the Wag Water, Pencar and Dry Rivers to be overflowing. The Bargain River flooded the main road to Buff Bay at Golden Grove and the Dry River flooded the Enfield-Juno Pen Road and the Spicy Grove-Brown Hall Road. The main road to Epsom Road was flooded by the Epsom River, becoming impassable to traffic.