December 1: “Jamaica’s First Hovercraft Service Across Kingston Harbor”

1966: Opposition members of the Delimitation Committee of the House of Representatives staged their third walkout of the series of meetings that began in August as the committee met to consider the report which will be turned in to the House next week. The cause of the walkout was the fact that the committee’s report was not circulated to members before the meeting.

1966: Jamaica Air Service announced that consequent to the reintroduction of services into the Ken Jones Airport in Port Antonio, it would increase its passenger accommodation for the Portland capital.

1968: Jamaica’s first hovercraft service across Kingston Harbor, linking Kingston with the Palisadoes will be in operation shortly. A British-built passenger-carrying Hovercraft, the Humming Bird, arrived in Kingston aboard the Harrison Line Cargo Vessel Taetician from Liverpool, England, for the service, which will be operated by Jamaica Hovercraft Ltd.

1970: Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban rejected Egyptian President Anwar Sadat’s demand for a definite timetable for Israeli withdrawal from occupied territory as a condition for extending the Middle East ceasefire.

1971: Two men were shot and killed, and two others captured by the police in a manhunt carried out by the force immediately following a robbery by four men at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce at Twin Gates Shopping Centre, Constant Spring Road.

1973: Newsprint prices may jump to as much as $245 a ton by mid-1974, partly as a result of higher wages to newsprint workers, according to Hugh K. Joyce, president of Bowater Inc.

1991: A “jerky, heavy landing” in the words of one witness sent British Airways Flight 265 passengers screaming as the huge 747 careened to a emergency landing at the Norman Manley International Airport. With more than 250 passengers on-board, the aircraft, arriving from London and Montego Bay, was forced to make the emergency landing after the landing gear developed a fault.