Youth Can Do IT – Lianne McNaughton

Youth Can Do IT diminishes doubt in your creative self, opens a world of creativity and belief in ventures which you didn’t know you possessed. – Amanda Johnson, mentee

Since it’s establishment in 2016 by Jamaican Lianne McNaughton, Youth Can Do IT has accomplished a considerable amount of work. The organization seeks to use technology and strengths based initiatives to empower Jamaica’s youth as it is said to be “born out of the desire to use technology and self-actualization as the catalyst for capacity building among youth“.

YCDI has started a few programs to develop young Jamaicans ranging from serving over 200 youth in workshops to their one year pilot – Women In IT Mentorship Program. This program commenced on International Girls in ICT Day and saw thirty one girls from over ten schools paired with thirty one prominent women in IT for the duration of the year.

My experience so far in the program has been absolutely amazing! It is so wonderful to be able to see girls supporting each other. – Isheba cornwall, mentee

The program has exposed the girls to various technological concepts such as WordPress website creation, social media management and Google Analytics. The founder believes that the answer to the lack of women in the IT industry lies in giving girls role models, teaching them the requisite skills, encouraging them and then showing them how tech careers can help change the world for the better. “By 2030, women can, and will, be critical to leveraging this revolution to benefit our global society,” says Lianne McNaughton.

YCDI teaches youth to see themselves as content creators by equipping them with the right skills and tools to turn dreams into reality.

Written by Danielle Mullings