Your Handy Election Day Guide

A voter casts her ballot

Election day preparation has reached fever pitch, as February 25 draws nearer. We have shared some very important information of what to expect on the big day over the past two weeks. Here we have compiled all the information in a handy guide for you:

  1. The Complete List Of Candidates Up For Election On February 25
  2. 10 Election-Related People You Need To Know About
  3. How to Check If You Are On The Voter’s List
  4. How To Find Your Polling Station and Voting Location
  5. How To Vote
  6. Can I Vote Without A National ID Card?
  7. FYI – Your Employer MUST Give You Time To Vote
  8. FYI – Election Day DOs And DON’Ts
  9. Here’s Why You Can’t Use Your Cell Phone Or Camera Inside A Polling Station

NB: Polling stations open at 7AM and close at 5PM.