What’s Right With Jamaica? Tropical Climate

How thankful are Jamaicans for Jamaica? It’s a wonderful country teeming with enthusiasm, brilliance, talent and heritage as lush as our verdant landscapes. There is much in this little island to be grateful for, and here at diGJamaica, we don’t need a holiday or observance to celebrate Jamaica … we believe in celebrating the uniqueness of this country all year round. Follow our What’s Right With Jamaica series to see our weekly highlight of something refreshingly special in the island. You can also suggest topics for the series by sending emails to digjamaica@gmail.com.

A beautiful sunset in Montego Bay, taken from the Doctor’s Cave Beach deck on December 3, 2013.

Tropical Climate

Jamaica has been blessed with tropical climate. This means that the temperature rarely goes over 35°C, and rarely falls  to below 22°C. As a result, the country does not experience extremes in weather, rather enjoying mellow heat and coolness all year round. Even in the winter season, temperatures stay in the frost-free zone, rarely dipping to anything severe. This makes the country an ideal place to live, work and vacation year round!