What’s Right With Jamaica: A Blue Mountain Sunrise To Remember

How thankful are Jamaicans for Jamaica? It’s a wonderful country teeming with enthusiasm, brilliance, talent and heritage as lush as our verdant landscapes. There is much in this little island to be grateful for, and here at diGJamaica, we don’t need a holiday or observance to celebrate Jamaica … we believe in celebrating the uniqueness of this country all year round. Follow our What’s Right With Jamaica series to see our weekly highlight of something refreshingly special in the island. You can also suggest topics for the series by sending emails to digjamaica@gmail.com.

This week, we have to share pictures of our latest trek to the Blue Mountains with you. What we experienced in the wee hours of the morning on that mountain top was nothing short of divine. Our eyes felt blessed to see the golden rays of sunlight streaking in and out of a beautiful mosaic of mist, clouds and fog as the sun began its ascent into the heavens. Our lungs were invigorated by the crispness of awesome, fresh mountain air. This is the Jamaica that many Jamaicans have not yet discovered. It’s the Jamaica that many tourists pay to visit and experience annually. This is Jamaica  – natural and glorious. Enjoy the pictures below. (Photos by Ruth Howard)

It began with a small glowing dot in the distance … too far to be spectacular, too real to be ignored.
As it came closer, it began to give definition to the different elements in the sky. We could see more than a just a gray, foggy haze.
Soon, we could see make out a light blue hue of the sky, different from the white clouds, and the green of the plants around us was radiant.
It got better. We got a glimpse of sunlight through the trees … it was heavenly to watch. We felt like maybe this was what Moses saw and called it a burning bush … 🙂
It got better, and we were left speechless.
As we passed the ‘burning bush’, the perspectives got interesting …
But the were still so beautiful.
Then we were taken to the edge of a precipice overlooking a beautiful vista of sky, clouds, fog and sunshine. Words failed us. Words fail us still.