What is National Science & Technology Month?


The Jamaican Government observes November as National Science & Technology Month, with the aim of educating people about how crucial science and technology is to national development. Annually, activities are organised with the intention of getting people to make the connection between science and technology and their daily lives. Below, we have listed and explained some of the key terms used in undescitechrlining the importance of this month:

Understandable & Relateable

Many people view science as this far-fetched subject that is difficult to understand. Most people have no concept of what technology is, outside of the Internet. During National Science & Technology Month, a deliberate effort is made to break through that mental barrier and bring the reality of science and technology to people in a way that they can understand and with which they can relate.

Relevant & Connection

In an age where technology determines the flow of information, and, to a large extent, how people interact with and interpret their world, National Science & Technology Month attempts to show people how relevant it is to this time in world history. But it’s not enough for people to understand the concept of science and technology. They must also make a connection between science, technology and their daily lives.

Educsciencelabation & Information

There are so many different facets to science and technology. Science alone entails biology, agriculture, chemistry, physics, medicine … There are so many different areas of specialisation under these broad topics. Science and technology month is a time for the general public to get more information on some of these specialisations. Who knows? Someone may decide on a career in science or technology because of the information they received during one of the fairs or feature sessions.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl. In Science & Technology month, some of the most interesting, entertaining aspects of the subjects are highlighted, and presented in a manner with which the public can interact and from which they can benefit.