What is Jamaica’s Security Programme Oversight Committee (SECURIPOC)?

On Thursday, September 14, 2017, the Security Programme Oversight Committee was launched at the Ministry of National Security’s head office in Kingston. The Ministry of National Security’s press release on the launch described the committee’s formation as “a step for citizens to be involved and contribute to the crafting and evaluation of implementation strategies and plans developed by the Ministry.”

Here are some key facts about SECURIPOC:

  • The committee comprises 15 members from academia, the trade union movement, the private sector, community, faith based and other organisations
  • The committee will be responsible for monitoring the compliance and progress of the Ministry of National Security, its Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in relation to implementation of their key performance indicators and make recommendations to the Minister.
  • The key roles and functions of the committee are:
    • To receive and review information from the Ministry, its Departments and Agencies on the progress of implementation of key performance indicators
    • Monitor the compliance and progress of the Ministry in relation to implementation
    • Assist in ensuring the agreed targets are achieved and advise the Minister of concerns or developments
    • Make recommendations to the Minister of National Security on key performance areas and
    • Review and make recommendations concerning the desire of the Ministry to increase the active participation of citizens.

Members are:

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