Votes By Party In Each Constituency In 2011 (with Excel download file)

It’s election day. Want to know how many people voted for the PNP and JLP the last time, and how many could possibly turn out today? See the table below:

2011 Turnout 1

The table shows the following:

  • number of votes received by the PNP and the JLP in the 2011 election
  • the 2011 vote margin
  • the number of total votes cast including rejects
  • the total number of eligible voters in 2011 and 2016
  • the 2016 candidates from the PNP and the JLP for each constituency.

The 2011 vote margin is highlighted in the color of the party that won that seat in 2011 and the table is sorted alphabetically by constituency name.

The overall turnout for the 2011 election was 876,310 persons, a turnout rate of 53%.

To download the Excel file for the image above, click 2011 Vote Turnout.