Upcoming Conference : Improving Sustainability Through Resource Development 

The 2nd Regional Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (MSME) Conference of the Small Business Association of Jamaica (SBAJ) will be held under the theme “Improving Sustainability Through Resource Development” on April 16-18, 2019 in Kingston.

The Inaugural Regional MSME Conference in 2017 hosted 185 participants, 62 of which represented 28 countries from across the region. This year’s conference is expected to facilitate the gathering of  a broad mix of stakeholders, particularly business owners, innovators, regulators, buyers and sellers of goods and services who will be networking, collaborating, promoting their capabilities and brands, developing new business and outsourcing opportunities.


Micro and Small Business Owners offering products and services located locally and regionally who are interested in scaling their businesses and making their processes more efficient using automation, artificial intelligence, robotics and technology. Consultants, business counsellors, microfinance providers and policy makers are also included.


  • Facilitating exposure to new trends in business development and management
  • Promoting success stories among MSMEs
  • Examining MSME policy within a context of macro-economic strategy and its impact on business profitability
  • Providing a forum for B2B interaction to explore opportunities for national, regional and international business collaboration/linkages
  • Exposing participants to new technologies and research and development in agriculture as well as climate smart innovation


  • Strengthened networking among MSMEs in the region
  • More productive business linkages
  • Increased compliance though greater understanding of the policy and regulatory environment
  • More advanced approach to entrepreneurship and the use of best practices
  • Increased knowledge of technological advances and cutting-edge applications
  • Greater commitment to supporting MSME associations and agencies