Unravelled: Tracking The Controversial EWI Deal


The government’s already controversial 381MW project just received another blow as the decision was made to take the contract from Energy World International (EWI), the second place bidder that ascended to the top of to the pile late last year. This was after first-place bidder, Azurest-Cambridge Power (ACP) consortium, suffered a similar fate in October 2013, after failing to meet the deadline to submit the $6.9 million security bond.

The selection of EWI has been shrouded in controversy since day one, amidst concerns that the proper procedures were not followed and outcries about some of Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell’s actions during the process. Here, we have created a timeline of headlines showing how the deal came to be and how it unravelled under intense public scrutiny and sustained outcry. More headlines will be added as the story continues to unfold. Click on the links to read the stories.

  1. 360MW PROJECT: Azurest Misses Deadline, OUR Offers Energy World International Opportunity
  2. 360MW PROJECT: Contractor General Mum On Energy World International As Preferred Bidder
  3. 360MW Rankings Revealed Too Early
  4. Energy World Provides OUR Evidence 360MW Bid Bond In Hand
  5. BUSINESS: EWI Posts 1% Bid Bond For 360MW Project
  6. Energy World International, JPS Execute 20-Year Power Purchase Agreement
  7. Disclosure On Energy World International Due Diligence Findings Needed, Says Samuda
  8. Gov’t Poised To Disband Energy Monitoring Committee
  9. Paulwell Grants License To EWI For 381 Mega Watt Of Electricity 
  10. OUR To Make Energy World International Recommendation By Week-End
  11. OUR Reviewing EWI Licence
  12. Paulwell Says He Will Allow Enough Time For EWI Bond Payment
  13. EWI Deposits US$36.85m Performance Bond
  14. EWI To Be Held To Strict Timeline
  15. Government Prepared To Help EWI Secure Funding – Paulwell
  16. Gov’t Plea For EWI – State Considers Approach To IDB As Loan Rejected For 381MW Project
  17. EWI Rescue Plan: Paulwell Wants OCG’s Stance Changed To Allow Loan For 381MW Project
  18. EWI Licence Provides For Forced Sale Of Assets
  19. Former OUR Head: Regulator Has No Role In 381MW Project Bidding Process
  20. Holness Writes PM On Handling Of 381MW Project
  21. EDITORIAL – Back To Market With Energy Project
  22. Break Silence, EWI – Energy Consultant Urges Hong Kong-Based Company To Show Public Its Ability To Implement Project
  23. Paulwell Explains 381 MegaWatt Project Decision Again
  24. PNP Says EWI The Best Option For Reduced Electricity
  25. ‘Drop EWI Or Else’
  26. Paulwell Sees ‘No Impropriety’
  27. EWI Undaunted – Hong Kong Firm Confident That It Will Deliver Cheaper Electricity To Jamaica, Despite Problems
  28. Business Leaders Dissatisfied With Paulwell’s Explanation
  29. Third Place Bidder Keeping A Close Watch On 381MW Project
  30. Cabinet Discusses Future Of 381MW Project
  31. Gov’t Heat On EWI – Paulwell Gives Energy Firm Days To Get House In Order
  32. Lights Out For EWI – Firm To Lose 381-Megawatt Power Plant Licence, Project Likely To Be Yanked From Paulwell
  33. Investors Not Turned Off By EWI Controversy
  34. Paulwell Should Tell All, Analysts Demand
  35. OUR Power Play: Regulator Drags OCG To Court Over Disputed Report On 381MW Project Bid Process
  36. Energy Path Set – Lawrence Announces Several Initiatives To Replace 381MW Project