Unemployment Down 1.6% From Last Year

unemployment rate july 2014

As at July 2014 the number of persons that made up the Employed Labour Force was 1,124,600 persons. This meant that 16,700 more jobs were added to the job market when compared to the corresponding period July 2013.

However, the number of persons in the Labour Force at July 2014 was 5,400 less than the 1,309,400 recorded in July 2013.

The overall unemployment rate inched down from 15.4% in July 2013 to 13.8% for July 2014.

Unemployment among youths aged 14-24 years still remained high at 34.1%, however this represented a 4.2 % decline when compared with the 38.3% in July 2013.

It is important to note, that although the number of Unemployed persons at July 2014 decreased by 22,200, the number of persons Outside the Labour Force increased by 10,400 as at July 2014.

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