Trelawny: Sightseeing Historical Sites

There are many things to do in Trelawny that involve the beach, river, a cruise port and other traditional tourist attractions. However, if you are a history buff, Trelawny is a parish with a rich history and is even home to a number of official heritage sites – so designated under the Jamaica National Heritage Trust Act – that are great sites for sightseeing.

Falmouth Court House

For instance, you could start with the oldest public building in the town, Falmouth Parish Church, which is situated on land donated by Edward Barrett, the grandfather of the famed English Romantic Poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

If you are interested in churches, another official historical site is the Kettering Baptist Church – associated with Reverend William Knibb who founded the Kettering Free Village. If you are wondering about the name Kettering, it is the English birthplace of Reverend William Knibb.  There is even a town in Trelawny named Kettering and it too is an official historical site.

Or, you could visit a house that was part of an estate that belonged to the largest land and slave owner in Jamaica.  That would be Good Hope House that belonged to John Tharp.

Another great house of significance is the Green Park Great House, whose name actually evolved from a pond of all things.

And then there’s the court of justice, the Falmouth Court House, which was erected in 1815.

Can you believe that Trelawny even has a castle? Yes, Stewart Castle famous also as a site for Taino excavations.  The Taino were the very first people who lived in Jamaica.

Of course, what’s a list of historical sites without a bit of intrigue? People say that Rio Bueno was the place that Christopher Columbus landed upon his arrival in Jamaica.  But Discovery Bay in St. Ann makes the same claim. What do you think?

There are many more historical gems to be found in Trelawny so be sure to take in some of this parish’s intriguing historical sites when you are sightseeing!

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For more details about these official historical sites in Trelawny, visit the JNHT’s Trelawny Heritage Sites page.