How Treasure Beach Is Building A Climate Conscious Community

Everybody will be affected by climate change but what can we do about it?  Well, Treasure Beach in St. Elizabeth has been taking action. As was reported in The Gleaner:

“Treasure Beach is the first Jamaican community out of the blocks to take up the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator‘s challenge. Stakeholders are keen for Treasure Beach to be a climate-conscious community. Fishing, farming, and community-based tourism are the way of life in the rural, coastal community in St Elizabeth. Here, development must be sustainable. It is the only option. And steps have been taken in recognition of this reality.” For more, check this link: Treasure Beach On The Climate-Smart Fast Track

Here’s a mini-documentary about what Treasure Beach is doing to build a climate conscious community. These are the voices of the people, their experiences and what the community is doing to adapt and become more resilient.

True resilience happens when every individual is aware, understands and is empowered to take action. All people need to understand what they can do, what their communities can do and what they will need government help to do.  Efforts to build resilience in Jamaica must prioritize creatively engaging those on the ground who will face the effects of climate change as a part of their daily lives.  Listening to people is a must and using culture is critical.

Treasure Beach’s efforts were accelerated with the help of Do Good Jamaica, a non-governmental charitable organization. In response to other communities’ requests for assistance and guidance to build their own climate conscious communities, Do Good Jamaica outlined their 5-step process used in Treasure Beach. Here’s the presentation.

Here’s the climate conscious pamphlet…

…and disaster preparedness tips insert

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This post appears courtesy of Do Good Jamaica

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