#TipThursday: Give Thanks for Science & Technology


Imagine your life without all the luxuries provided by developments in science and technology. Would you be able to survive? Think about it. What if there were no vaccines for immunisation, no medicines to cure illnesses, no bathrooms or toilets, no soap, no stoves and kitchens, no cell phones and computers? This #TipThursday, we encourage you to be grateful for all the things you have access to because of science and technology. In case nothing readily comes to mind, we’ve listed some things for you.


Think about vaccines for flu, small pox, chicken pox, malaria, hepatitis … and the list goes on. There are so many sicknesses that we would be vulnerable to if it weren’t for the brilliant scientific minds that worked on remedies, cures, treatments and palliatives tat set our sick bodies right. And then, add to that the many small applications of technology that help to bring us relief: band-aids, insoles, vapour rubs … . Then there are thelife-saving procedures performed each year: surgeries, transplants, stitching … Just wow.

Household Appliances

Have you ever stopped to appreciate the fact that all your household appliances were the result of someone’s application of technological concepts to daily life? So your washing machine, your stove, refrigerator, television, DVD player, radio … these are all things that could only happen because the field of science and technology exists.

Cellphones, Computers & the Internet

This is a big one. Can you imagine life without being able to Google something at the drop of a hat? Or text a friend? Or make a crucial phone call in an emergency? You do recognise that this is only possible because of the technological advancements made over the years? Take a moment to send out some gratitude for this.

Agriculture &Food

This is for the food enthusiasts. Science and technology has given us the means to expand our culinary experience by leaps and bounds. It has also provided us with the technology to do things like tissue culture, harvesting, better fertilisation and treatment of soil … the list goes on and on. Some of the hybrid plants and fruits we’ve come to enjoy and love also wouldn’t be possible without science. And then there’s the fishing and fisheries industry, veterinary science, animal science … starting to get the picture?

Health, Beauty & Sports

When it comes to beauty, sports and health, people can get uber-serious, which is why we think you’ll appreciate the fact that:

  • All the make-up and beauty enhancing products you use are a direct result of scientific advancements.
  • All the safeguards now in place to protect or enhance athleticism are also directly out of science and technology
  • Health consciousness is only possible because of what science has shown and taught us about our bodies and lifestyles over the years