Tips & Tricks to Afford Restaurant Week on a Budget

So, it’s here again. Restaurant Week is a time when people get together and take the opportunity to enjoy fine dining on a budget. Despite the great deals and price packages available during this period, there are still some persons who struggle to afford even one evening out. And there are those who can afford it, but are still looking for ways to get as much value as they can for their dollar. Here are some tips and tricks for ways that you can save money while getting in on the fine dining experience:

1. Make it a lunch.

Many restaurants have bargains and discounts to attract lunchtime crowds. It can therefore work out cheaper for you to schedule your dining-out experience during their lunch-hour specials. To make it even more fun and expand the experience, set a date with some coworkers and make it a group lunch outing. In Jamaica, most restaurants observe lunch between 12 and 2 p.m.

2. Split the meal

In some restaurants, the servings of food are so large, they can easily be split between two persons and still provide sufficient sustenance – or something close enough. How about it? Pair up with a friend, and, instead of ordering individual dishes, decide on one dish and just split it in two. Chinese restaurants are particularly popular places to get meals in servings that can suffice for more than one persons.

3. Bring a group, order a platter.

Fine dining can be expensive, especially when one embarks on the adventure alone. It may work out cheaper if you don’t go solo. Instead, get a group of friends together and then agree to split the bill for one or two platters. This usually works out far cheaper than the cost of ordering individual dishes.

4. Skip drinks.

Many people do this when they eat out. Instead of ordering from what usually is an expensive drink menu, they skip drinks altogether and ask for water. Just be sure to make it clear that you want regular tap water or water from a jug, and not bottled water, which usually carries a premium price and would defeat the purpose of skipping drinks.

5. Do one course only.

Who says you need to have all three courses in order to enjoy your fine dining experience? Sometimes, all it takes is one good entree. Don’t necessarily go for the cheapest thing on the menu. Choose something interesting, different, and exciting for you and just have that. Then do yourself a favour: Savour the experience, allow your palate to fully explore the subtleties of flavour and texture. Don’t be in a hurry. Take your time, fully appreciate the dish before you and the ambience of your chosen restaurant, and make the experience one to remember.