Protecting Your Debit Card Or Credit Card PIN

As Christmas draws nigh, shoppers have stepped up their game, hitting the malls in earnest. But in this digital age, hardcore shoppers are not just burning paper but also plastic as the convenience of the credit and debit cards trump good ol’ reliable paper currency. But before you make one more swipe or even unlock that ABM door has a list of tips that shoppers should bear in mind this season.

Here are a few tips on how to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft and all about Cybercrime:

  1. Your first line of defence in the virtual world begins with your password or your personal identification number (PIN).
  2. Keep your passwords and PINs a secret. Keep them to yourself, and remember them without writing them down.
  3. Create strong passwords that you can remember. Passwords should have at least eight characters; include a combination of letters, numbers and symbols; and be easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.
  4. Carefully check your financial statements every month for suspicious activity. If you spot something, immediately alert your bank or the creditor.
  5. Do not leave your ATM transaction receipts behind at any vendor or machine. Take them with you.
  6. Shred credit card or bank statements, solicitations and other records that contain personal financial information when you no longer need them.
  7. Be careful when making purchases over the phone. Only give out information like your name, address and especially your credit card number if you are sure and can verify with whom you are communicating.
  8. When online, only give the information required-often marked with an asterisk (*) and no more.
  9. If your card is lost, stolen or is retained by an ABM, notify your financial institution immediately. Most institutions offer toll free telephone numbers and/or 24-hour service for lost or stolen cards.
  10. Keep abreast of all the new tricks that scammers are using so you can avoid those pitfalls. Here is one from The Gleaner Held up with an ABM Card.