5 Tips To Clear A Barrel


  1. What Is A Personal Effects Barrel?  Personal effects refer to items for an individual or a household and do not apply to barrels containing items in commercial quantities
  2. Is Is Illegal To Call Commercial Items “Personal Effects”?  Yes.  A false declaration is a breach of the Customs Act and will result in penalties including possible forfeiture of goods.
  3. What Documents Do You Need?  All of the following:
    • Order or bill of lading from your shipping agent, freight forwarder or customs broker
    • Valid identification – national ID, drivers’ licence or passport
    • Taxpayers Registration Number (TRN)
  4. Are There Any Other Charges? Yes, handling and storage.
  5. How Much Does It Cost ? As of January 2, 2013, the fee is $6,500 per personal effects barrel

Information for this Tip Thursday was gathered from Jamaica-Gleaner.com articles here and here and here (with a step-by-step guide)