Things to Do and See in St. Elizabeth

St. Elizabeth has it all.  Fun, adventure, relaxation, a world famous bar and even a zoo!  Check out this Flair Magazine round up of what to see and do here.



St. Elizabeth: A True Savannah But Entertainment Hub

Golden sandy beaches, rich savannahs, a spectacular safari, unblemished scenes of nature and a signature area of true love are a few breathtaking features that define the beautiful parish of St Elizabeth. It’s cool and quaint atmosphere are added factors. And its pristine attractions, whether natural or spiced with a special human touch, make it one of the best places where you can indulge in a genuine Jamaican experience. Now, here’s your custom entertainment guide. Read more about Black River Safari, Lovers Leap, Treasure Beach, The Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience and YS Falls here

The Hidden Treasure Of Floyd’s Pelican Bar

Sweet outdoor vibes, frolicking in the middle of the sea, or sipping exotic drinks while enjoying food with great flavours, are mere feats that get many of us on our feet. Read more here

Go Off The Grid In St. Elizabeth

The richest combinations of authentic Jamaican culture and vast biodiversity, fuelled by its abundantly fertile lands. St Elizabeth is the perfect place to take a break, go off the grid and be at peace while lavishing in the depths of a real appreciation for nature. Read more here

Refresh, Revive And Rejuvenate With A Shirley Steam Bath

Shirley’s Steam Bath and Massage is definitely a gem in Treasure Beach, St Elizabeth. Everything about the venue beckoned to your senses to just relax. From the beautiful stone walls to the aroma of the herbs being boiled on the coal outside to the trees and flowers all planted by owner Shirley Genus, so colourful, it was almost like the garden was enchanted. Read more here.

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