The Story Of The Jamaican Flag

Back to the drawing board

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And there was need for speed. The design had to be sent to the Colonial Office for clearance with the Admiralty Office to ensure that there was no infringement on any existing flag.

It turned out there was, and the original design was rejected because of its similarity to the flag of the country then known as Tanganyika, now a part of the United Republic of Tanzania.

It was back to the drawing board, a new design was drawn, the colours maintained, and the House summoned on June 20 for what turned out to be an interesting and historic debate on the matter.

“You will notice, Mr Speaker,” opened House Leader Donald Sangster, “that the design has been changed where instead of having horizontal stripes, it now has a diagonal cross of gold, the top and bottom triangles to be in green, and the hoist and fly triangles to be in black.” Sounds confusing, but that’s our national flag as we know it today.

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