Image Of The Week – The S-P-E-L-L Master

Glen Archer

This week’s image comes from the Wednesday Gleaner story, Clarendon’s Tajaun Gibbison Wins Spelling Bee. Here, Rev Glen Archer gives last-minute words of encouragement to five of his charges just before the final rounds of the 2014 Gleaner/Children’s Own Spelling Bee competition. (L-R): St Mary parish champ Greig Campbell; Clarendon parish champ and eventual winner Gibbison; Trelawny parish champ Lariecia Harvey: Kingston parish champ and top girl Chaunte Blackwood; and St Andrew parish champ Joshua Grant.

There are no two ways about it – Rev Archer is the ‘spell master.’ He has been preparing students for the gruelling competition since 1986 and, this past Wednesday, he watched from the audience as his 25th champion, Gibbison, was crowned.