The IMF Special Report


In May, diGJamaica launched the  IMF Special Report which is the first and only online information portal about Jamaica’s relationship and interaction with the International Monetary Fund. The aim of the report is to provide a resource for the public to monitor the implementation of the IMF programme and educate oneself on the key components of the programme.


The Home page features categories of reform that provides Blog posts about items that impact the reforms – such as exchange rate, net international reserves, inflation, fuel prices and more. The website features a Calendar tab filled in with the GOJ deadlines, expected payments and disbursements – as outlined in the IMF agreement and on the IMF website. There is a Deadlines tab as well, with a table that can be sorted by keyword, category and date. The Targets tab provides a detailed outline of the key quantitative performance criteria and indicative targets which will be used by the IMF to monitor and assess the programme.


To help the public and stakeholders stay current with the latest the site also features a News tab with the latest news about the IMF as published on

The IMF Special Report boasts an extensive additional information section under the Useful Resources tab. The useful resources section includes important links such as Government websites and the IMF Agreement in the flipbook version which is searchable by keyword.


diGgers, enjoy consuming the information that we have brought to your fingertips in a user friendly and interactive format and remember to check the IMF Special Report ‘your one stop shop everything Jamaica and the IMF’ everyday for new developments.