The Do’s & Don’ts of Restaurant Week

Every November for the past 13 years, Jamaicans have been invited to dine out as part of Restaurant Week. What began as a tentative date has now become a staple on many calendars, and many relish the opportunity to have dining experiences at new and exciting venues. We have listed for you the do’s and don’ts of fine dining for you … Pay close attention.


1. Be clear about your dietary restrictions.

2. Know what the utensils are and how to use them.

3. When it comes to bread: Break, butter, roll.

4. Be polite with the wait staff.

5. Eat to your fill. Then stop.


1. Burp loudly or make other such sounds at the table.

2. Blow on hot food. If it is too hot, wait for it to cool before indulging.

3. Use your eating utensils to gesticulate wile speaking.

4. Insult the wait staff.

5. Put your elbows on the table.