The Dollar Slows Its Roll

The selling rate for US$1 as at April 30, 2013 was US$1- J$99.35, according to the daily trading summary published by the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ).

This represented a 0.5% devaluation from what it traded for on the last trading day in March and is quite a feat to have achieved, based on the previous trend of devaluation of the dollar. The percentage change in devaluation of the dollar between February and March was 2%.

Between October 2012 and March 2013, the percentage change in the devaluation of the dollar has been a magnitude greater than 1% except November 2012, when it was 0.9%.

Source: Bank of Jamaica

So, even for a short while, Jamaicans can rejoice and be thankful that we did not pass the psychological barrier of $100 to US$1. In April, there actually was some revaluation of the dollar, which, although it was miniscule, was welcomed.

How long will it continue to drift… is the question of many.

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