The Briefing – The Gleaner Series

In December, diGJamaica started compiling The Gleaner’s Series – The Next Fifty Years.  Today, we bring your attention to another series – The Briefing with Dr André Haughton that will explain and discuss various issues, including challenges facing the economy.  For more about the economy, explore the section with static and motion charts as well as the diG Jamaica blog entries on the economy.

April 24, 2013: ‘Collective Effort Can Facilitate Economic Growth’

Questions answered: How did the country perform? What is important? What is planned in this new budget? What else? What is the verdict?

April 17, 2013: ‘Fix The J’can Economy’

Questions answered: What is happening now? What does this mean? Can the Jamaican economy improve? How does this process work? Is there pass-through in Jamaica?

April 10, 2013: Tax Measures And The Way Forward

Questions answered: What’s the position now? What does this mean? What is the intent? Will it work? How will the country proceed?

April 3, 2013: Let’s Talk Taxes

Questions answered: Why more taxes? Any other taxes? What are the implications of these new taxes? What about the primary balance? What is the overall effect on the economy?

March 27, 2013: Social Enterprises Can Fight Joblessness, Poverty

Questions answered: What is the employment situation? What are social safety nets? How much has been spent? What are social entrepreneurs and social enterprises? Why social entrepreneurs and enterprises?

March 20, 2013: Jamaica Should Take Full Advantage Of Sports Tourism

Questions answered: Why sports? What is sports tourism? What is the strategy? What will facilitate these linkages? Can the Government help? What is the role of infrastructure?

March 13, 2013: Dollarisation Can Improve Trade And Investment

Questions answered: What is dollarisation? What are the types of dollarisation? What are the advantages of dollarisation? What are the disadvantages? What is the outcome?

March 6, 2013: Jamaica Is NOT In A Currency Crisis… But Could It Be By The End Of 2013? 

Questions answered: What is a currency crisis? What factors contribute to a currency crisis? Is Jamaica in a currency crisis? Why is Jamaica’s exchange rate increasing? What is being done?

February 27, 2013: ‘Don’t Buy Extravagant Houses At This Time’

Questions answered: What is a housing price bubble? What causes the housing bubble? How does the bubble affect you? Is there a housing problem? How can you protect yourself from the bubble?

February 20, 2013: Improve Jamaica’s Tax Collection System

Questions answered: Where is Jamaica now? What’s the effect of these taxes? What is the role of the exchange rate? What can be done? What’s best?

February 13, 2013: How Debt Exchange Will Affect Jamaica’s Future

Questions answered: What is debt exchange? What else? What are the consequences? How will it affect us? What about growth?

February 6, 2013: Jamaica Ready For Jollywood or Jamiwood!

Questions answered: What’s the value of the entertainment industry? Who benefits from the industry? What about dance and parties? What’s next? Where are we headed?

January 30, 2013: Strengthen The Jamaican Dollar

Questions answered: What are the different types of exchange rate regimes? Is a high exchange rate dangerous? What factors impact exchange rates? How is the dollar affected by interest rates? Does economic stability count? What is the effect of trade?

January 23, 2013:  Jamaica Should Seek Foreign Debt Relief

Questions answered: Why debt? What is odious debt? What is a strategic default? Can Jamaica make a strategic default? What is the best decision?

January 9, 2013:  We Must Collect Taxes, Cut Spending

Questions answered: What is fiscal policy? Are Jamaica’s policies in line with the country’s objectives? Can Jamaica’s economy recover? What is the plan for the 2013?

December 27, 2012:  Balance Of Payments – Jamaicans Have A Culture Of Dependence

Questions answered:  What is the Balance of Payments?, What are the differences in 1) the current account (2) the capital and financial account and (3) the official reserve-settlement balance? What’s the relevance?, Why does Jamaica import so much?, Is this the right approach? What is comparative advantage?

[see diGJamaica charts on Trade Imports 2012, Trade Exports 2012 and Balance of Trade 2012]

December 19, 2012:  Jamaica Must Redirect Efforts To Earn Money

Questions answered: Can the NIR steal Christmas?, What is the NIR? What is its purpose?, How does the process work?, How does Jamaica earn foreign currency?, Where is Jamaica’s focus?, What can Jamaica do?

[see diGJamaica charts on the NIR 2010-2012 and the NIR 1992-2011]

December 12, 2012:  Here’s Why Things Are So Bad In Jamaica Today

Questions answered: What’s the position, what went wrong?, What is the result of these problems?, How could it be solved?, How will the IMF agreement benefit Jamaica?, Why is an IMF agreement not yet signed?, Is the IMF agreement really a benefit?, How will Jamaica survive?