The Biggest Stories Of 2014


  1. Owen Ellington hung up his hat as Police Commissioner
  2. Land of wood and water crisis, especially for the agriculture sector
  3. Digicel, LIME blocked VoIP services
  4. Tax Administration Jamaica went after tax cheats
  5. Our athletes once again brought home the gold from the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland
  6. Jamaica earned a seat at the UN’s Disaster Risk Council
  7. Mouth Rosser Bypass finally opened
  8. Mario Deane beaten to death while in police custody
  9. Former Governor General Sir Howard Cooke passed away
  10. Non-traditional schools made big jump in CSEC mathematics
  11. Attorney Hadrian Christie successfully sued the Attorney General’s Department for an illegal police search, awarded half million dollars
  12. Sixty-nine graduates of the Hydel University College found that their degrees were worthless as they are not accredited
  13. JUTC announced fare hike, including a 200 per cent jump for senior citizens
  14. Plane hijacker Stephen Fray‘s case headed to the Privy Council
  15. Walk good, Roger Clarke. Derrick Kellier eventually appointed his successor
  16. 180 not out – The Gleaner celebrated a historic milestone
  17. There was much debate about the number of chikungunya cases, but one thing was sure: the nation was not prepared
  18. Carl Williams selected as Jamaica’s new police commissioner
  19. Parliament passed flexi-work bill after decades-long debate
  20. Ebola reached the US; Jamaica was on high alert, but doctors warned that they were not ready
  21. The average Jamaican believes most public officials are corrupt
  22. Jamaat Al Muslimeen leader Yasin Abu Bakr was denied entry to Jamaica; government sent him back to Trinidad on a $4 million private plane ride
  23. In response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, Jamaica banned travellers from those countries
  24. Eleven-year-old Toni-Ann Miller was among the recipients of national honours
  25. So little time, so much controversy – the NHT‘s purchase of Outameni sparked huge debates
  26. Jamaica running out of public burial space
  27. Jamaican jurist Patrick Robinson was elected to serve as a judge in the International Court of Justice
  28. Is Harmony Cove ever going to get off the ground?
  29. The enquiry into the events of the 2010 Tivoli incursion finally gets underway
  30. If the Offences Against the Person Act criminalises cyberbullying, will it create “a society of sissies?” Delroy Chuck thought it could
  31. A Ministry of Health concept paper said Jamaica’s buggery law affects the HIV/AIDS fight
  32. Dwayne Vaz won the Central Westmoreland seat left vacant by Roger Clark’s death
  33. The perception of corruption in Jamaica worsened
  34. Alia Atkinson closed her year with a bang, winning Jamaica’s first gold medal in the pool and rewriting history for black female swimmers
  35. Priest washed the feet of gays, outrage ensued
  36. Hackers got to several government websites
  37. Stakeholders agreed that renewed US-Cuba link is good for Jamaica
  38. Petrojam accused of not passing on savings to Jamaicans as oil prices declined on the global market
  39. Former Prime Minister Bruce Golding is prepared to face the West Kingston enquiry
  40. Jamaica recorded its lowest murder rate in a decade in 2014