The Biggest Stories Of 2014


What a year 2014 has been! As usual, there were highs and lows; good, bad and ugly. Below, we round up some of the biggest headline-making stories of the year. Look back with us.

  1. Prime Minister’s $50M Travel Bill irks Jamaicans, but PM unfazed
  2. Political Ombudsman office still vacant
  3. Minimum wage increased, but job cuts considered to balance the scale
  4. The Goat Islands saga continued
  5. National Security minister was supposed to resign, but didn’t
  6. Finance Minister said no new taxes! But PM couldn’t make any promises
  7. Jamaicans toyed with the idea of boycotting goods from Trinidad & Tobago
  8. A number of government assets were finally sold off
  9. Local banks were raking it in with high fees and service charges
  10. Major earthquake predicted, panic ensued
  11. Ex-cop exposed so-called ‘death squads‘ in the police force
  12. It was Cool Runnings part 2 in Sochi, Russia as bobsledders qualified for the winter Olympics
  13. Will Jamaica ever “legalise it,” even for medical purposes?
  14. The music industry lost two of its greatest voices as William ‘Bunny Rugs’ Clarke and John Holt passed away
  15. The prep vs primary school debates continued
  16. International athletes insurance plan announced
  17. The KSAC approved $3.4 billion in investment projects across the Corporate Area
  18. Gangsters, beware! Anti-gang legislation was passed in Parliament, despite concerns
  19. Jamaica’s population looks set to remain below 3 million, according to STATIN
  20. A police station was established in Tivoli Gardens
  21. Eight months after testing positive for a banned substance, sprint darling Veronica Campbell-Brown was cleared to resume competition
  22. Chinese tourists were declared free to enter Jamaica without a visa
  23. Jamaica’s debt ratio is on a downward trajectory
  24. The year has ended and we still do not have number portability, despite promises
  25. Sexual harassment bill drafted
  26. Healthy lifestyles needed amongst Jamaicans as non-communicable diseases reached epidemic proportions
  27. Entertainer Vybz Kartel moved from ‘World Boss’ to inmate as he and three co-accused were found guilty on murder charges
  28. … And one juror will also likely join them behind bars after he was caught trying to bribe a fellow juror
  29. It’s been a rough year for JADCO, but the anti-doping programme is back in WADA’s good graces
  30. After a drawn-out Cuban light bulb trial, no one was surprised when Kern Spencer walked free
  31. Some 1.1 million Jamaicans are living below the poverty line
  32. Parents in St Thomas were found to be pimping out their daughters
  33. Fat or fluffy? Whatever label we put on it, 80 per cent of Jamaican women are overweight
  34. Calabar’s Javon Francis broke Usain Bolt’s 400m Champs record
  35. Calabar and Edwin Allen ruled the roost at Champs 2014
  36. JUTC reclaimed routes in the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region
  37. Debt and public-sector wages are to accounted for nearly 70 per cent of the $539.3-billion budget, which included the controversial bank withdrawal tax
  38. US embargo forced suspension of Cuban shoppers at PriceSmart Jamaica
  39. PATH beneficiaries received a 15 per cent increase in benefits
  40. Drought on the land! The beginning of the water crisis forced school closures