How To Tell Genuine Jamaican Notes from Counterfeit

Key Security Features of the Jamaican $5000 Note

Image from Bank of Jamaica website


  1. Look for the fine engraved lines of the portrait of the Most Honourable Hugh Lawson Shearer O.N., P.C., Prime Minister of Jamaica (1967 – 1972)
  2. Look for the black vertical serial number which increases in size. It should match the red horizontal number on the right hand side.
  3. Look for the wide Optiks™ silver thread featuring images of the Jamaican coat of arms (reversed on front). This thread is contained within the paper and is not stuck on top of it.
  4. When the note is held up to the light, the complete thread with ‘BOJ 5000’ REPEATED vertically on both sides.
  5. When viewed under UV light two parallel bars of fluorescent green are visible along the edge of the Optiks thread.
  6. The yellow background of the Jamaican coat of arms (right reading) displays a red map of Jamaica on a green background under UV light.
  7. Feel the tactility of the denomination numerals in the corners and the text containing the words’ BANK OF JAMAICA’ and ‘FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS’.
  8. Hold the note up to the light to see the watermark of the Most Honourable Hugh Lawson Shearer and an adjacent bright ‘5000’ electrotype.
  9. The chequered image becomes perfectly complete as a leaf when the note is held up to the light.
Image from Bank of Jamaica website


  1. As with the front, the leaf pattern is completed when the note is held up to the light.
  2. Check that the honeycomb pattern should look smooth and of one colour.
  3. Look for the image of Highway 2000.
  4. Look for the silver metallic oval created by the Optiks window. Within the oval you should see at least one complete image of the Jamaican coat of arms (right reading).
  5. When held up to the light the 18mm wide Optiks thread is visible with images of the Jamaican coat of arms and the ‘BOJ 5000’ text repeated at the edges.
  6. Under UV light the text ‘BOJ 5000’ is visible along the edges of the thread.
  7. Look at the fine engraved lines of the frangipani flowers (plumeria rubra).

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