How To Tell Genuine Jamaican Notes from Counterfeit

Key Security Features of the Jamaican $1000 Note

  1. Feel the banknote.
    Run your fingers over the note for the familiar feel of banknote paper and to find the places where the ink is thicker.
  2. Look at the iridescent coating.
    This consists of a vertical band of colour which changes when viewed at an angle. The image on the $1000 is a band of butterflies.
  3. Jamaican $1000 feature for the visually impaired

    Look and feel the feature for the visually impaired.
    Each note has a different symbol on the front to aid the partially sighted.

  4. Look for the watermark.
    Hold the banknote up to the light and see the image of Michael Manley on the $1000.
  5. Check for the watermark highlight.
    Place the banknote on a dark surface and the shadow of a butterfly and 1000 on the $1000. The same images appear as a bright highlight in the paper when the note is held up to the light.
  6. Check the security thread.
    Tilt the banknote up and down and the colour will change from red to green. Hold the banknote up to the light and the strip will appear as a continuous line with the text ‘BOJ’ and the denomination of the note, e.g. BOJ 1000.

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