Surf’s Up!


Let’s grab our boards, paddle out into the surf and ‘hang ten’ this Travel Tuesday.

According to the Jamaica Surfing Association, surfing has been done on the island from as early as 1912, but the sport has taken decades to reach the level of popularity it now enjoys. If you’re the adventurous type and don’t want to just sit around on the beach and tan, check out these cool local surfing beaches and ride the waves this summer.

  1. Jamnesia Surf Club – Eight Miles, Bull Bay. Make it a family affair and sign everyone up to learn the basics. Jamnesia is home to most of Jamaica’s top international surfers – past, current and future, so you’re in capable hands and good company.
  2. Makka Surf Beach – Southaven, Yallahs. Home of the annual Makka Pro surfing contest, if you can brave the thorn-ridden black sands of the beach, then tackling the waves shouldn’t be a big problem.
  3. Boston Bay – Portland. Boston is well known for its pristine beach, crystal clear water and, of course, delicious jerk! It was Jamaica’s first internationally recognised surf spot during the 1960s and is still popular amongst local and overseas surfers today.
  4. Palisadoes Peninsula (Zoo) – Kingston.  Zoo was discovered in the summer of 1974 and became a haven where local surfers honed their tube riding skills. Unfortunately, the area was dramatically altered by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, but Zoo and the entire peninsula are now perfect spots for long boarders.

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