Sun, Sea & Sand – The Beaches Of Jamaica


What’s better than a beach trip to soak up some vitamin D and cool off at the same time? Here’s a run down of the best or most popular beaches in Jamaica, by parish.

  1. St Catherine – The Hellshire area features two popular beaches next door to each other: the often teeming Fisherman’s Beach, also called Hellshire Beach and the more reserved Fort Clarence Beach. Both come alive on weekends as Jamaicans from all walks of life arrive in droves.
  2. Portland – Some of Jamaica’s finest beaches – Boston, Long, Dragon and San San Bays, Frenchman’s Cove and Winifred’s beaches —are found in this parish.
  3. Trelawny – One of Jamaica’s most beautiful beaches is located at Silver Sands in Duncan’s. It is also known as Jacob Taylor, Duncan’s, Fisherman’s or Duncan’s Bay Beach. Burwood Beach, located near Royalton White Sands Hotel is also a great option.
  4. St Thomas – The most famous bathing beaches might be in Negril and along the North Coast, but St Thomas also offers its share of sun, sea and sand. Take your pick from the Lyssons, Prospect, Holland Bay, Rocky Point, Mezzgar’s Run, Retreat and Rozelle beaches. Rozelle Beach is also good for surfing.
  5. St Ann – Beaches to check out in the garden parish include Puerto Seco, Priory, Cardiff Hall (also called Flavours), Reggae, Mallards, Mahogany, Dunn’s River, Turtle and Dolphin Cove.
  6. St Mary – James Bond Beach, formerly Oracabessa Beach, attracts a nominal admission fee. It is also the home of Stingray City.
  7. St James – Home to Doctor’s Cave, Cornwall, Walter Fletcher and Rose Hall beaches. All attract a fee to use.
  8. St Elizabeth – There are a number of small bays east of Black River, namely Calabash, Frenchman’s, Fort Charles, Billy’s and Great Pedro, which makes up the area popularly known as Treasure Beach. You should also check out Font Hill Beach Park.
  9. Manchester – Alligator Pond is a popular, black sand fishing beach. It’s the home to the the very popular and Little Ochi Seafood Restaurant.
  10. Westmoreland – Part of the world famous Negril 7-mile beach (Long Bay Beach) is located in this parish, which is also home to Bluefields, Belmont and Whitehouse beaches.
  11. Hanover – Home to part of the world famous Negril 7-mile beach. Also check out Bloody Bay and the beach off Booby Cay, which is popular amongst water sports enthusiasts.
  12. Kingston – Lime and Maiden cays are picturesque island off the Kingston coast that are accessible only by boat. Both are popular party spots.
  13. Clarendon – Popular spots in this parish are Farquhar’s Beach and Jackson’s Bay. The Jackson’s Bay area is famous for its caves which were once used by the Tainos.

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