Stock Market Indices Rise- May 2013

Source: Jamaica Stock Exchange

The Jamaica Stock Exchange index ended trading in May with 87,577.92 points which represents a 5% increase over the 83,476 points it ended April 2013. However, a 1% decrease under the 88,381.96 points it ended May 2012.

While, the Jamaica Junior Stock Exchange index ended May with 759.93 points, a 23 % gain over the 617.18 points that it ended April 2013, a 19% increase over the 640.68 points it ended May 2012 with and a hefty 61% over May 2011’s 473.40 points.

Similar to the exchange rate, the overall good performance in the stock market can be attributed to, not only the boost in investor confidence in the economy but also to the approval and the receipt of the first portion of the Extended Fund Facility from the IMF.

The IMF program speaks to fiscal reforms that will address factors such as the country’s high debt. The fiscal reforms are important to put debt on a downward trajectory. For more information about the fiscal reforms of the IMF program check out our IMF Special Report.  Fueled by research, it is the first and only online information portal about Jamaica’s relationship and interaction with the IMF, providing valuable newsdata, timelines and resources.