St. James


595 Km²


185,334 inhabitants

Name Origin

Created after the British Capture of 1665 and named for James, the Duke of York

Despite being one of the smaller parishes, St. James is home to Jamaica’s second largest city, the hub of local tourism, Montego Bay. The greater Montego Bay area contains many of Jamaicas largest hotels, a cruise ship port, the Sangster International Airport, and many fine beaches including Doctor’s Cave Beach located at the city centre.

In addition to tourism, manufacturing plays an important role in the economy of St. James. Factories are mainly located at the Montego Bay Freeport, Jamaica Industrial Development Corporation (JIDC) Park, and Bogue Industrial Estate.

Southern St. James is dominated by the Nassau Mountains, especially along its border with St. Elizabeth.

  1. St James was the home of Sam Sharpe, the Baptist minister who led the Christmas Rebellion of 1831, and one of Jamaica’s national heroes.  It is also the home of Annie Palmer, known as the White Witch of Rose Hall whom, according to legend, murdered her husband and lovers and now haunts the Great House. 

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