Resources for Special Needs Children

Ministry of Social Security

14 National Heroes Circle, Tel: 876-922-8000-9, Toll Free: 1-888-991-2089

All parents with special needs children must register them at the Ministry of Social Security’s Early Stimulation Programme. If you need financial assistance, the child can be placed on the Programme for Advancement Through Health and Education (PATH). See here

Child Protection and Family Services Agency

Head Office, 48 Duke Street, Tel: 876-948-7206/ 876-948-2841-2

Services offered: Care and protection of children, working with children beyond parental control; institution placement and supervision; foster care placement and supervision; adoption; home and family services. Ask for the office closest to you.

Children First

9 Monk Street, Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Tel: 876-984-0367

Walk-In Access. No Fee. Age 3-21


  • Remedial Education
  • Basic Skills Training
  • Counseling
  • School/Homework Assistance Programme
  • Recreational/Sporting Activities
  • Life/Survival Skills Training
  • Environmental Awareness and Management
  • Career Guidance and Skills Upgrade Referral
  • Youth Advocacy Training
  • Child Rights Education (“The rights of the child.”)

Coalition for Better Parenting (CBP)

1 National Heroes Circle, Kingston 4, Tel: 876-948-1866

  • Access: By appointment
  • Fee: None
  • Age: All ages
  • Services: Advisory, referral and technical support for parents

The Learning Centre (Formerly Jamaica Association for Children with Learning Disabilities)

7 Leinster Road, Kingston 5, Tel: 876-929-4341/ 876-929-4348

  • Access: By appointment and walk-in
  • Fee: Yes
  • Age: 6-16
  • Services:  Psycho-educational assessment, after school tutorials, full time classroom programmes for children who have learning disabilities. Workshops for parents and professionals.

Jamaica Association for the Deaf (JAD)

C.B. Facey Building, Hope Estate, Papine, Kingston 6, Tel: 876-927-1098

  • Access: By appointment
  • Fee: Yes
  • Age: All ages


  • Educational services (early stimulation, vocational and academic education at rural and urban locations)
  • Clinical and technical services
  • Skills training/career development
  • Counseling
  • Psychological intervention for the hearing impaired

Jamaica Society for the Blind

111 ½ Old Hope Road, Kingston 6, Tel: 876-927-3760/ 876-927-6757

  • Access: Walk-in
  • Fee: No
  • Age: 18 and over


  • Diagnosis of visual impairment
  • Referral services
  • Adjustment to blindness programmes
  • Library services for visually impaired persons

The Jamaica Association on Intellectual Disabilities (JAID)

7 Golding Avenue, Kingston 7, Tel: 876-977-1118/ 876-977-0134


  • Educational services
  • Clinical and technical services
  • Parent support
  • Public education and training

McCam Child Development and Resource Centre

231 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6, Tel: 876-977-0189/ 876-977-6496

  • Access: By appointment and walk-in
  • Fee: Yes
  • Age: 0-7

Services: Centre based inclusive early childhood care and education, assessment and therapeutic interventions, training workshops, conferences for parents and teachers, resource centre with library and help-line.

Mico Child Assessment and Research in Education (CARE) Centre

Kingston & St. Andrew:  5 Manhattan Road, Kingston 5, Tel: 876-929-7720/ 876-929-7721

Manchester: c/o Ridgemount United Church, 53 Main Street, Mandeville, Tel: 876-625-4847/ 876-625-4793

St. Ann: 6 Royes Street, St. Ann’s Bay


  • Psychology and educational assessment
  • Therapeutic and diagnostic intervention
  • Speech and occupational therapy
  • Teacher/parent training

Rural Services for Children with disabilities (RSCD)

Kingston & St. Andrew: 94J Old Hope Road, Kingston 6, Tel: 876-931-4584/ 876-941-6950

St. Ann: c/o St. Christopher’s School for the Deaf, Brown’s Town, Tel: 876-975-2226

St. Elizabeth: c/o School of Hope Unit, Santa Cruz All Age, Tel: 876-966-4763

Trelawny: Warsop, Tel: 876-610-1109

St. James and Hanover: c/o Hanover PVO Parent Group, Old SDC Building, Miller Drive, Tel: 876-956-9895

Westmoreland: c/o School of Hope, Savanna-la-mar, Tel: 876-955-4849

  • Access: Walk-in
  • Fee: None
  • Age: 0-18


  • Screening and assessment
  • Referrals
  • Home and centre-based rehabilitation programmes
  • Parent Support
  • Public education and training

Early Stimulation Programme

92 Hanover Street, Kingston, Tel: 876-922-5585

  • Access: By appointment
  • Fee: Yes
  • Age 0-6


  • Development assessment
  • Early intervention

Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Centre

9 Golding Avenue, Mona, Kingston 7, Tel: 876-927-2504


Physical, therapeutic and rehabilitation services for stroke victims and persons with spinal cord injuries

Mustard Seed Communities
P.O. Box 267, Kingston 10
Jamaica, West Indies
Tel: 876-923-6488


School of Hope

7 Golding Avenue, P.O Box 224, Kingston 7, Tel: 876-927-2054

Guidelines for Identification and Referral: A Handbook for Principals and Teachers. Ministry of Education.