Special – How To Help Tessanne On The Voice

Calling #TeamTessanne! The ONLY way for Tessanne to win The Voice finals is for her to receive the most VOTES.  The show is ENTIRELY decided by voting and public popularity from the viewing audience in the United States (including D.C. and Puerto Rico).
According to the rules, only US residents and account holders can vote. Despite extraordinary interest and attempts in Jamaica and outside the United States, the rules prohibit counting any voting attempts outside of the US.Therefore, the ONLY sure way to help Tessanne is to encourage all to recruit family and friends across the USA to vote and download her performances from iTunes.
Voting is ONLY allowed from 9:55pmEST on Monday, December 16 to Tuesday, December 17 at 11:00amESTVoting RulesThere are four (4) voting methods.  Encourage family, friends and staff in the USA to vote by all methods to the maximum for each (multiple methods per person allowed):
1. CALL:  The number is announced during the show.  The call is FREE.  Call 10 times from EACH number.  Only 10 calls register per number.  Any calls beyond ten attempts will NOT be counted.
2 ONLINE:  The website is http://www.nbc.com/the-voice/vote.  Voting online is FREE.  Once you put in your email address, select 10 votes.  The maximum is 10 votes per email address.
3. TEXT: If you have a Sprint wireless phone. Text 10 times from EACH number.  Only 10 texts register per number.  Any text attempts over ten will NOT be counted.
4. DOWNLOAD ALL PERFORMANCES AND/OR GIFT CREDIT: Viewers are urged to download  the songs performed on Monday and any previous performances.  One download is permitted per iTunes account.  Viewers can gift the song up to five (5) times. Viewers must download the songs before voting closes at 11am on Tuesday.
All companies, staff members, friends and family are invited to join the Twitter Party for Tessanne on Monday, December 16th at 7pm.  All are encouraged to use and include #TeamTessanne in all tweets from 7pmthroughout the show so we can get the hashtag trending worldwide.