Seafood Central


This Travel Tuesday, we bring you part two of our foodie’s island tour, this time focusing on some of the top seafood spots in the country. Read part 1 here.

Hellshire Beach – St Catherine

The word ‘seafood’ is practically synonymous with Hellshire Beach. The area is a weekend haven for Kingstonians and residents from neighbouring towns, so if you go at that time, expect a lively, if crowded atmosphere. There are dozens of fish shacks along the beach for you to choose from, serving fish in just about every style you can think of: steamed, fried, escoveitched, brown stewed or roasted, along with crab, lobster (in season) and other seafood delicacies. The famous Prendy’s is also located in Hellshire Beach.

Little Ochie – Manchester

Little Ochie is another famous spot for seafood lovers. Located in Alligator Pond, the restaurant offers more than 75 dishes, including grilled, curried, jerked or fried lobster, shrimp, crab and fish; along with more exotic fare such as conch, shark, squid and seaweed soup. It is also a popular weekend and holiday getaway and has been the home of the Bigga Little Ochie Seafood Carnival, held in July, for the past 15 years.


Pelican Bar – St Elizabeth

What started out some 30 years ago as a fishermen’s hangout spot on a sandbar off the coast of Parotee, Black River, has blossomed into the successful Pelican Bar we know and love today. Accessible only by boat, the wood and thatch establishment – which, from afar, appears to be floating – offers delectable fish and lobster dishes. It is a popular spot for tourists, who enjoy the quaint atmosphere.

Pier One on the Waterfront – St James

Pier One is well known in western Jamaica as one of the top entertainment centres and seafood spot. Favoured by locals and tourists alike, the casual open air facility is perfect for family lunches and dinners. Feast on fish, lobster, crab, marlin, shrimp, calamari, scallop and conch dishes, accompanied by the restaurant’s signature cocktails.

Norma’s at the Marina – Portland

For a more upscale, gourmet atmosphere, Norma’s is located on a little strip of beach at the Errol Flynn Marina. The restaurant offers outdoor seating, which takes advantage of the breathtaking setting. The fare includes crab back salad, elegant slices of smoked marlin, a “reggae salad” studded with sautéed shrimp, grilled lobster with lime-flavored herb butter and  more. Why not indulge your taste buds?