#ResolutionsWeek – Spend More Time With Family


Christmas has come and gone, and while we reminisce on the delights of the season – delicious food, family gatherings, vacations – we often spend some time at the end of the year to do some self-reflection. Looking back at the year, we celebrate our accomplishments, identify the things we could have improved upon, and plan for the year ahead. This is usually the time people make new year’s resolutions – goals they want to achieve in the coming year.

Spending more time with our loved ones is another top new year’s resolution many people make. It is often hard to keep, as parents have so much on their plates with work and the kids are equally busy with school and extra-curricular activities. However, family is very important to us as Jamaicans, so we have to find ways to get together as as often as possible – usually on the weekends. Here are some great family trip ideas from our Travel Tuesday posts to help you stay connected: