Remittances Up In February


Jamaica continues to benefit from increased remittance flows.

Source: Bank of Jamaica
  • Gross remittances for February 2014 were US$168 million, an increase of US$8.2 million or 5.1% relative to the corresponding period of 2013 (Feb).
  • The rise in total remittance inflows ensued from an increase of US$10.6 million in inflows through Remittance Companies and was partly offset by a reduction of US$2.4 million in inflows from Other Remittances.
  • Year-to-date Gross remittances for February were US$326.5 million, an increase of 12 million or 4% relative to the corresponding period of 2013 (Jan-Feb).
  • Year-over-year change for Gross Remittances 2014-2012
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