The DCFS provides registration for benevolent societies under the Friendly Societies Act.

The application form for registration of a charitable organisation with the DCFS can be downloaded from their website (click here to go to download page and look for “Charitable Organisation – Application Form”). This must be filled out, as well as the “Fit and Proper Questionnaire”, which can both be taken to the DCFS office, located at 2 Musgrave Avenue, Kingston 10, Jamaica. The questionnaire is to be completed by each individual on the board and the secretary and submitted along with a passport-size photograph.

The steps to remember are:

  1. Application Form or Renewal of Charity Status (Application Form)
  2. Certificate of Registration / Certificate of Incorporation
  3. Entity’s Tax Registration Number  (TRN)
  4. Articles of Association and memorandum of Association (entities registers with COJ before 2005); Form 1B – Articles of Incorporation to include Schedule 1; Rules; Vested Act; or any other applicable Constitution
  5. Fit and Proper Questionnaire along with Certified Passport Size Pictures to be submitted by all Directors including Secretary
  6. Prior year Audited Financial Statement or current unaudited financials


Other forms of registration

Depending on the kind of status being sought, an organisation can be either registered (as detailed above) or unregistered. There are different kinds of unregistered charities. This can be in the form of a trust, or other unincorporated entities.

To register as a trust, take constitution of your organisation to the Stamp Office (part of Tax Administration Jamaica) to get it stamped, and then take that to DCFS.

Other types of unincorporated entities can register by taking their constitution to the Registrar’s General Department to get it lodged, then take that to the DCFS to get it approved and complete the form, after which they get letter to get TRN.


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Source: THE STAR, Jamaica’s Charities Act, Tax Administration Jamaica