Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer
The competition was hot at the ICWI 17th International Polo Tournament that was held at Caymanas Estate on Sunday. Here the riders fervently chase the chukkah.
British soldiers were the first to play polo in Jamaica. Today the sport is governed by the Jamaica Polo Association (JPA).  The JPA is a full member of the Federation for International Polo, the global governing body of the sport. 
There are 3 polo clubs, each with its own grounds on the island:
  • The Kingston Polo Club was founded in 1886 at Caymanas Estates.
  • The St. Ann Polo Club was founded 6 years later at Drax Hall in 1892.  
  • In 2007, the Chukka Blue Polo Club opened at Sandy Bay in Hanover on grounds that had originally been created in 1954. 
The JPA hosts many tournaments over the course of the year.  Jamaica also plays host to several polo teams from around the world.  Trips from English and American teams are commonplace, and there is also popular ladies tournament played between Jamaica, Zimbabwe, and the USA. 
The JPA Senior Cup Final (first presented in 1907) is the most prestigious local tournament for the best team from each club. It is played for on an open basis and in support of the Jamaica Cancer Society.
Other tourmanets include the Johnny Walker Championships, the Browne Cup, and the Dennis Lalor tournament, held in honour of the president of the JPA and Kingston Polo Club, the Hon. Denis Lalor. 


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