The first step in getting one’s Pilot License is to enrol in a certified flight training program. Currently there is only one such flight school in Jamaica, The Caribbean Aviation Training Centre.

After an applicant has completely at least 40 hours of ‘ground school’ at a training centre, they may apply for a 2-year Student Pilot License with the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA). The applicant may then sit the Private Pilot License Exam at the JCAA. 
Further exams for commercial and air transport licenses may also be sat at the JCAA once the pilot has the gained the requisite experience. 
Pilots who have trained elsewhere in the world, and other interested parties are encouraged to contact the JCAA at  
Halfway Tree, Kingston 10
Telephone: 876 960-3948, 3965, 4033   Fax: 876 920-0194
CATC Flight Academy
Tinson Pen Aerodrome
Marcus Garvey Drive, Kingston 11.
Tel: 876 757-0211  Fax: 876 901-7341