Pictorial: Jamaican Birds

Jamaica is home to approximately 280-species strong bird population, of which 30 are endemic and 19 sub-species are endemic. The country has 166 breeding species and over 80 winter visitors, due to the fact that it lies on one of the main north-south migration routes.


Photo from The Gleaner: Pigeons are very common in Jamaica. These birds can be seen in the country at random, as they live in pretty much every corner of the island.



Photo from The Gleaner: A very colourful Psittacidae parrot at the Hope Zoo. There are two species of parrots endemic to Jamaica – the yellow-billed parrot, and the black-billed parrot. PArrots are often seen flying in groups in or around the areas where they roost and forage. 


Photo from The Gleaner: A male red billed streamer-tailed hummingbird. There are three species of hummingbirds that are found in Jamaica: the mango hummingbird (Anthracothorax mango), the vervain or bee hummingbird (Mellisusga minima), and the swallow tail hummingbird. The latter is indigenous to in Jamaica. They are also called doctor birds. They got their name from their ability to fly backwards, producing a humming sound from the rapid fluttering of their wings.