Net Remittances From Jan To Oct 2012 Marginally Less Than Jan To Oct 2011

Newly released figures from the Bank of Jamaica showed that Net Remittances for the month of October were approximately US$141.8Million, up 4.5% as compared to September 2012. This figure, however, was lower than 2011’s Net Remittances by 1.3%.  Overall, throughout 2012 with 2 months to go Net Remittances have tracked almost directly in line with 2011’s Net Remittances.

Unfortunately, however, it has it fallen behind by 0.3% as compared to the period January through October 2011.


 The chart above is from the diGJamaica data archives.  Find more on diGJamaica’s BUSINESS tab.  What do you think about Jamaica’s remittances going into 2013?