It Name Wat? Unusual Place Names in Jamaica

Jamaica is filled with beauty and wonder. One day spent travelling around Jamaica reveals mouth-watering food, amazing landmarks, gorgeous fauna and flora and some of our world famous attractions. What we are also known for is our mind-boggling and head scratching place names. Ever heard of ‘Wait-A-Bit’ in Trelawny and ‘Chew Manga’ in St Elizabeth?

Let’s look at just a few of our interesting and downright funny place names.

Auchtembeddie– Found in Manchester, this name is German in origin. We dare you to try and pronounce it.

Old Woman Savanna– Located in Clarendon, the name is reportedly tied to a story of an old Spanish woman who would not leave Jamaica when the English seized control of the island in 1655. Although her house and property were taken, she was given permission to stay in the island. She moved to the country and the name ‘Old Woman Savanna’ was born. What a small piece of history.

Putogethercorner– A spot near Mandeville, Manchester, the area gets its name from the reported tradition of market women resting their loads and preparing themselves to go to market.

Corn Puss Gap– Found in St Thomas, the area is so named due to a legend that a lost hiker caught, ‘corned’ and ate a cat.

Me-No-Sen-You-No-Come– Nestled in the Cockpit Country, St Elizabeth, the area got it’s name from the group of Maroons from Accompong who were not too keen on visitors stopping by. I didn’t call for you, don’t come by.

Duppy Gate– Duppy is the Jamaican word for ghost and this area has a ghostly story to tell. Found in St Andrew, the folklore is that the ghost of an officer from the West India Regiments haunts passers-by.

Labour-In-Vain– It may just be the one section of St Elizabeth that crops scarcely grow. The lack of rain in that general area has made farming extremely difficult hence the unique name.

Try See– Found in St Ann, the spot was named because of the former slaves who received land nearby. The slaves were encouraged to ‘try and see’ if they could make a living off the land.

What are some other interesting and funny names you know?