Miss Jamaica World 2015 – Who Will Take The Crown?

Chanel Ricketts – Miss French Connection Events


Reason for entering the competition: “The Miss Jamaica World pageant is able to provide a countless amount of opportunities and at this point in my life, I feel I am the most ready for this one of a kind experience.”

Daina Haughton – Miss Pier 1


Reason for entering the competition: “I perceive this pageant to be an effective means of building self confidence as well as communication skills, leadership and poise. Also the pageant can open windows to many opportunities in life.”

Christina Rowe – Miss Evans Electrical


Reason for entering the competition: “I entered this year’s 2015 Miss Jamaica World Pageant, because I am willing to fulfil the responsibilities of the queen and to proudly represent my country in beauty, intelligence and grace. I also wanted to develop myself into a more well-rounded individual and to gain as much knowledge as possible from this learning experience with the goal of carrying these lessons with me throughout my entire life.”

Roshelle McKinley – Miss Optical Solutions International


Reason for entering the competition: “I am applying for this title to be a potential candidate, to represent my country on the International stage as well as enhancing my qualities in the process.”

Crystal Mason – Miss University College of the Caribbean


Reason for entering the competition: “I entered the Miss Jamaica World Pageant because it stands for ‘Beauty with a Purpose’. We have a literacy problem here in our society and so I am really interested in helping people, especially children to learn to read and write as this will position them to be better able to function later on in life on the job and in society. The pageant also offers a wide range of opportunities through scholarships, training and a chance to build my self-confidence and I see these as bonuses from which I could really benefit.”

All photos from the Miss Jamaica World website.

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