Miss Jamaica World 2015 – Who Will Take The Crown?

Shari Jo Robinson – Miss Virgin’s International Trading


Reason for entering the competition: “I saw this as an excellent medium to develop self-confidence and build character. It is my dream to represent Jamaica with grace and poise and to reach out to young women in the world who suffer from lack of confidence due to environmental circumstances. I believe I can be a mentor and guide women through their times of self-doubt and depression as I have overcome these things and would like to help them do the same.”

Talia Soares – Miss Morfose Hair Care Services


Reason for entering the competition: “I’ve always been encouraged by family, friends and colleagues to enter the Miss Jamaica World Competition. However, I first needed to come to some clarity as to what was my purpose. For me, it had to be more than a crown on my head and the bragging rights that come with it. It would have to go beyond a continued pledge of “world peace” and parading a beautiful face and physique for a fan faring crowd and panel of judges. Thankfully, I have found my why and I am ready to become the best version of me yet while advancing the cause of my platform, which focuses on the very relevant issue of illiteracy among youth.”

Krystal Tomlinson – Miss Spa Aesthetique


Reason for entering the competition: “I entered this competition with the goal of representing my country internationally. As Miss Jamaica World, you’re expected to embody the spirit of Jamaica through beauty, grace, intellect, and compassion for community. I am confident that I possess those qualities. Furthermore, the mantra, ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ has struck a chord with me since in my eyes, beauty has little value unless it serves an unselfish purpose.”

Setrena Clarke – Miss Yaad Trendz


Reason for entering the competition: “Firstly, I am patriotic & this competition is a medium that I can represent my country Jamaica. The Miss Jamaica World Competition also gives you visibility and a platform to be heard. I particularly love the fact that it highlights beauty with a purpose. As a dark-skinned natural hair Jamaican woman, I have firsthand experience of the struggle of the black woman to love and find value in herself when the images & messages of blackness being pushed are mostly negative ones. I, therefore, see myself as a representative of black beauty and an ambassador of confidence, value and self-worth especially for those young girls of darker complexion with natural hair who are struggling to find beauty in themselves and are battling with self-esteem issues because society has psychologically manipulated them in hating their skin color via its’ consistent negative portrayal of dark skin. I want to use this platform and my voice to spread the message of beauty, love, value, confidence and self-worth and that the Black skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness.”

Cavel Campbell – Miss Nargia’s Beauty Experience


Reason for entering the competition: “I believe this prestigious Pageant is a vehicle for personal development and a wonderful opportunity for me to give back to the country by supporting my platform in raising awareness of Diabetes and other social issues that affect us daily. Additionally, it would be an amazing opportunity to represent my country on the international stage.”